Day 1: The European Peace Walk begins: Sunday 6th August 2017

So… No blog I’m afraid for day 4. Will update once I have the photos taken I took from the 2 girlfriends’ phones 

Now though, day 5 of holiday.  The first official walking day. Here finally are, in our Gurt in the Austrian countryside. My three companions are asleep. I will write this and then sleep too.
Today was just just short of 25km/15miles. Our legs… Our lovely legs did a great job and our feet held up. We had an eventful day.

At the start it was my fault for not getting ready quick enough that delayed us by one hour. In the end we set off at 5.30am. Early birds and all that. 

We crossed over the Hungarian/Austrian border and got very excited ! Especially due to the fact that we’d never been the majority of us so we crossed over the border by walking which was pretty awesome. 

We had two breaks of 15-20mins for food and did everything/all 15 miles in 7hr 15 mins. Minus breaks though that’s 6hr 35m, which I’m personally very happy with as I want to pace myself for the next 3 weeks. 

The highlights of the trip, some I can’t mention on here. And no, no good-looking Austrian men.  Or Hungarian at that seeing as though we passed the border. You know what, why does it have to involve any man. This something I am doing for myself; so yes, some highlights can’t be mentioned on a blog that can be seen by anyone. And I mean anyone. 

Regarding weather, it was on all sides on a cultural level. Hot for those who like it hot.. but for a delicate British girl who burns and would emulate a lobster in no time, the rain and storms were exhilarating and a sure sign that I was being encouraged for my great effort. Talk to the earth as I do…my God it responds! 

Anyway, my non-blistered (touch wood) feet, need to rest and so do my legs and my brain. 

Bye for now … Feel great! 🙂 


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