Day 3 in Budapest- final day in Budapest before we head to the west side of Hungary

Melting here in the hostel bed. Btw, the important thing here is that there is no air conditioning in the room, no fan, nothing! It’s like 25-30°. Can’t smell anything, not sure if that’s the heat impairing my nostrils. Can hear Japanese from the girls in the ‘private’ room; not so private really, considering they have to walk through our shared dorm to get to the communal bathroom. That has a shower with just cold water. That has a tap that drips onto the floor. That you put you foot in when you go to the toilet – thank God for flip-flops and can’t complain at £8 a night! Plus after 3 sweltering nights we can head to Western Hungary to our own apartment. 

So yesterday, for breakfast I had a lovely cherry strudel and cappuccino in a little coffee shop and then we walked to the Gellért Thermal baths and spent some time relaxing and going into the pools… We were there from 7am until around 1pm. Found a prime spot that was protected from a lot of the sun with some greenery around us. It was bliss doing nothing and chatting. 

After the spa (see main picture of this blog), we walked to the bus stop to get to the funicular and go up to the Buda. We went to Aldi and bought some lunch: olive bread and chia seed bread, cheese, turkey and tomatoes. Recharged our batteries and headed for the Buda. It was absolutely stunning with an amazing vista over the whole of Budapest. Much better than from the Cittadella on the first day. 

We decided to venture out and try to find the boat ride that was free with our bus ticket. Walking aimlessly for fifteen minutes in the heat was slightly frustrating as I felt not so well. Being a woman, hey? :). To the girls ! They were absolutely fantastic Ang and Julia. Really, truly. In the end we scrapped the boat and headed back to the hostel to freshen up. A nice guy from Chile was in our dorm, spent time talking about where I am going next year in South America. One of the places I am going to is called ‘las tres P’ (the three P’s): Polvo, Perros y Putas (dust, dogs and divas/sluts). Sounds life-changing :). On a serious note, the itinerary has been given the seal of approval from hostel guy, Alejandro. 

Final part of the evening, we headed to a Pad Thai place called Pad Thai Wok Bar and had some delicious flavored water with cucumber and ginger. Refreshing and great fast-food. Would much rather spend 2500 forints  (6 pounds) on a fastly made Pad Thai box than have a McDonald’s!! We the met up with Julia’s lovely friends from Canada who she used to dive with as they are over here competing in competitions. We went back to the previous wine bar from the first day, but itv was full so tried another with a joint enjoyment of the two cute Hungarian waiters. What a beautiful way to end a hot day! Making it even hotter 🙂 … Seriously looking forward to Sopron now! It’s 7.30am and in need of a coffee or tea. 

Have a great day, y’all!


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