Day 2 – Neutal in Austria to Kóseg in Hungary

Upon reflection, yesterday was a good day, a lot of time to reflect and also sort out my two blisters on my left foot. 

The cornfields 🌽 were beautiful as it was very green and relaxing… The route would often go into the woods and that’s when we got a bit lost. Walking an extra 2-3 kms,  making us very tired after totalling almost 26km.

The worst bit, without being too negative, was almost losing my phone 😦 … I got to the bottom of a steep slope that broke us away from Austria and brought us into Kóseg. My phone was found again by Chris (one of the group of five walkers). We both climbed back up the steep hill & Chris, as a walking Consultant in Australia, he was way ahead and found my not-so-cheap device. His humble Australian way said a beer would be enough, but I’ll be forever grateful as that was a massive annoying request: ‘Oh would you just hike back up the hardest slope of today please?’ 

When we finally arrived at the hotel, we were all relieved to see a restaurant!! It wasn’t necessary to walk back into town, the centrium of Kóseg  allowed me to stretch for twenty minutes and meditate for 5 minutes. 

Also had a wonderful time asking for standard plasters… I cheekily asked for 6 as I needed enough to keep the big blister plasters in place. He looked at me as if I’d robbed a bank :), it was sweet that he gave them to me; I will raid the next pharmacy we come across and purchase all sorts of fun, pharmaceutical things for my sexy feet. 

Here’s to today’s walk – Kóseg to Dozmat. Time for the minutes meditation first 🙂 hommmmm


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