Day 2 in Budapest  

Sat here on the steps outside of the hostel. It was extremely hot yesterday and was well covered in factor 50 SPF.

Let’s talk food! To begin the day, we went for a lovely breakfast in a local bar and I had lemon and lime cake with a cappuccino. Julia had a tasty looking yoghurt, Ang chose a delicious Quinoa salad. It was all really good value for money. As we decided to take the hop on, hop off tourist bus, we got a voucher booklet that offers travelers free food and drink around the city. You guessed it, in the sweltering heat, we walked around looking for this restaurant that offered free Goulash. Obviously only tourists would stroll in the Augustal heat of a new city to eat beef stew. That said though, it was delicious just very heavy in the heat. After the Goulash, we headed for a bar that offered free beer with the presented voucher. I think it was that beer that finished us off after a long morning walk around Budapest. Finally, for dinner we found a good vegan place. Ang is vegan and the alternative dinner I had yesterday was really goo. A beetroot burger with horseradish, I think the name ‘deep purple’ sold it to me. It was delicious and felt much better eating a vegetable burger than one full of beef. The stew had enough beef in it for a daily portion of meat. On the way to the Vegan restaurant called Kozmosz Vegán Étterem, we went to an awesome vinoteca with hundreds of Hungarian wine. Each of us unintentionally went for, red, rosé and white. The rosé didn’t taste like alcohol and in that heat could have quite easily drank a bottle :-). Obviously one glass was more than enough. I highly recommend Kadarka too as it was a lovely environment. It was just when the bar tender asked for a tip, it was a bit cheeky. However, the other bar tender, who had actually served us was fantastic! 

Enough about food and drink for one blog. We went for a morning stroll and decided because of the heat, it was better to take a sightseeing bus. We travelled up to the Cittadella and had a great lookout spot where we could see the whole of Budapest. It was wonderful and beautiful so stayed for half an hour. We then hopped back on to the bus and went to the market to look around. Lots of amazing looking fruit and vegetables… And the highlight, being charged 500 forints (£4)  for one golf-ball sized peach when it was 350 forints for a kilo. Ripped off that’s for sure, so I went back and got my money back! Probably went on about the peach a bit too much :-), but it made me laugh and felt like a vulnerable tourist. 

Here’s to the third day… About to go to the spa 🙂 hurrah!



  1. You know, one of my best friends is vegan and while I could never adopt the lifestyle fully, I found ou that vegan food is quite good and shouldn’t have such a bad rep…Lovely snaps. Keep on sharing!


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