aside It’s been a while:”Ch-ch-ch-ch changes, turn and face the change”

The title rightly states it’s been a while. Almost four months into the new year already; many changes are present too. With my beloved “Torino” not at the forefront of my mind, I’ve made some big decisions over the first quarter of 2017.

First of all, I have applied and been accepted onto an MA course at the University of Nottingham and will start the distance learning course in September. It will last two years and is in Digital Technologies for language teaching. Soon after being accepted, I landed myself a fantastic job as Lead Teacher of Spanish in a more than lovely department, also in Nottingham. “Cushty” as Del Boy once said. In a month or so, I will move to Nottingham and have a little car to zoom around in. No jalopy for me, I hope! Will see what I find.

At the moment, I am volunteering a couple of times a week and organising resources onto a website to facilitate the teaching in department. The volunteering manages to distract me from work preparation and brings great satisfaction to give back to the community I grew up in. That said though, I have done a lot of work preparation and it feels great to have done so.

Regarding jobs, I was lucky to have several opportunities present themselves and the right one has come along for me. Now it’s time to work hard, teach well, helping our dear students’ at my new school get the best GCSE results so it increases their future opportunities… and obviously start saving for either a property or amazing trips of a lifetime during my holidays; One definitely sounds more appealing to me!

Quite a few changes really, significant ones that mean I have taken a promotion in my teaching career and education too. A new door is opening and it’s oh so very exciting! For now though, I bid you goodnight. G’night!








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