Acknowledging and being appreciative of our surroundings

Okay, so I’ve moved to Nottingham. In a few weeks, I hope to venture further than the gym and meet some people; Appreciating another city, it isn’t easy, but I will start to discover certain gems over the next few weeks.

Right now, I’m trying to appreciate my surroundings in a different way. When things don’t seem to go well for others, I’ve never understood how people revel in others’ misfortune. However, I’ve always shown empathy. That’s okay, but now I am also trying to learn objectively from other people’s problems so that I can hopefully apply these or other strategies if (not when, touch wood) times get difficult for me.

It’s always easier to give the medicine to our ‘patients’ than it is to take our own. I do believe though, that by acknowledging and appreciating our surroundings in a spiritual way we can increase the chances of having a happy, mindful equilibrium. We can decrease the overthinking paranoia we can all feel and tackle situations head on as they arrive rather than negatively become preemptive towards issues that have not even arisen.

I am a firm believer that if we fixate so much on something good or bad happening, we can make it happen. It has happened to me. We can perform positive and negative magic in our lives. It’s not a case of only allowing for positive performances of magic, but just letting go and allowing the right thing to happen without preempting the kind of outcome. The right thing will always happen when it is supposed to. For some reason. To teach us some kind of severely beautiful or painful lesson. Embracing either, more the latter, is the hardest thing.

So to perform the little magic in my next stage of my life, I’m going to perform a meditative, mindful approach and be grateful and take note of my surroundings. Learning from others. Like a marriage. For better, for worse.

I do.



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