God’s own country?

Sat here on the 11:24 train towards Leeds, stopping at Wakefield. Also known as, “Shakey Wmi.’ I’m on my way to see two dear friends that I met when I lived in Wakefield in 2012. No, no, unfortunately I never did bump into Jane McDonald; by far the most down to earth and loveliest woman on the Loose Women panel. When I think about coming back to Wakefield, it makes me realise life is ever-changing and I am so lucky to have achieved all that I have in the last few years. Some people wouldn’t necessarily call it achievement, but I do. This year one of my best friends came over from Italy to visit and said to me I really should work on loving where I am from, instead of searching for other beauty; he spent years wanting to move away from Italy (my second home) and has worked on appreciating what he has and has recently invested in a flat and is now officially on the property ladder. Since March I have been working on that very goal, I can safely say I have managed to achieve this. I’ve achieved the art of appreciating my region, also known as God’s own country.

Let’s go back a little in time, yesterday I was waiting to have a meeting regarding prospective work to continue working in a similar field that I have already been working in. The security guards (SGs) were looking very comfortable and the woman SG was bragging about her fan under her desk keeping her feet warm. She then proceeded to talk about her upcoming holiday in Tenerife, Spain and the fact she had surprised someone to tickets to join her. The male SG asked her if she was looking forward to it. Naturally she was. He then said that, “there’s nothing as good as getting back to God’s own country.”

There were valuable lessons in both of the SGs ways: the lady had kindly treated a loved one to a ticket to an abroad destination. Such love and generosity. As for the male SG, he was able to enjoy the fact she had a wonderful holiday booked and much like my friend, he showed relish of the place he is from and is proud of it. Obviously there are lots of countries out there that could be “God’s own.” In my eyes, I consider the world to be God’s own as it is such a wonderfully beautiful place with so very much to see. I have yet to see much more.

Now though, I do feel very comfortable to be back in God’s own country, sat on this train. Hearing people from near and far, talking about different parts of the world and their lives. Some conversations far more interesting than others and as the train overcrowds at Barnsley (Baaarnsley –  elongated ‘A’ there for you wonderful Yorkshire folk), I inhale and begin to appreciate being back in ‘God’s own country.’

Now on the 19:04 train back to Sheffield. Appreciating an afternoon with two very good friends. One who has offered me a great insight into life that with happiness you can then offer your family all. Whereas my second reminded me of the wonderful art of living for now and not living for the past that has been told. It shouldn’t dictate what our today is.

Solid advice from solid friends.

As for food, this is a huge part of my life and if I don’t start the gym soon, it will become a huge part of me. My friends, they surely did treat me today. My very good friend, ex colleague Manuela from Málaga treated me to lunch and a cheeky glass of wine. Followed by cream tea! A very good scone at a place called Marmalade… Not better than my Mama’s though. Beautiful clotted cream though, I put my jam on and then clotted wonderfulness. Not sure which way is the Cornish or Devon way, but I did it my way!  

As for dinner, I went to visit my beloved friend and ex housemate/live-in landlady from the Philippines who had made a delicious Thai curry and had a good catch up. Lots more wine. We had some serious conversations regarding the sad state of affairs in the Philippines at the moment. However, we are high on positive energy, which wins every time. Hands down.

Feeling very content as I’ve had a super special day with friends and bought my final Secret Santa gift; If you haven’t come across Secret Santa, it’s basically where you buy for one person instead of the whole ‘famalam,’ which is less commercial and more memorable and have a limited amount of money (this year, £30). I’ve now purchased (and made) all of my gifts and just waiting for the final to be delivered.

All-in-all, God’s own country is making me very happy as the people I know from God’s own i.e. the world, have opened my mind to ideas, self-belief and natural happiness in the comfort of my own country.

Upon reflection of my previous blog, a friend from Freemantle, Australia, mentioned my second home is more or less on my doorstep. Which is indeed very fortunate. I also look forward to seeing more of the world, that is, the real God’s own. 


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