‘We’re all going on a Summer holiday, for a week or two…’ or six! 

The blog I wrote while waiting for the train in Hungary on the 9th August… You got it, it will never be posted as it didn’t save. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish the hike with the girls over three weeks. Blisters were one of the reasons… If you want a picture, all you have to do is ask. As my cousin put it, they are ‘grim!’

Although, I’m gutted I didn’t finish the hike. I had to decide what was best. I got to discover Hungary and Austria; leaving Hungary for the first time and entering Austria for the first time will be something I will never forget as it was all done on foot… Had some great food and wine as well as beautiful memories with great people… 

Once I landed in England, a couple of days later, my family and I headed upto Scotland for a week, which was also very pleasant and spent a couple of days in Leeds. Mum and dad celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary! A little restaurant that was due to be closed on the day of their anniversary, decided to exclusively open for them and set a romantic table just for them, with no elaborate decorations, just a wee tealight. I treated them to the meal as a surprise, which is nowhere near enough to say thank you for all they’ve done for me. However, was great knowing they could enjoy themselves without spending a penny.

Further to this, I have loved just doing very little and have recharged batteries for the next academic year. My MA begins next month and I am reading some good books on life and also on teaching languages. Next week, I’ll also join Slimming World again and go to my gym and pay for a year’s gym membership upfront. Discreetly (she says as she writes on a blog that will be published for anyone to see), I would like to lose some weight and care for my body a bit more. Not sure I’ll be able to quite give up certain treats, but I’ll give it a go. More on my successes at Christmas, before I pile back on what I lose.

So, this blog is a bit of a jumble, but the holidays have been really good, with some exercise, some well-needed emotion and relaxation. Plus the opportunity to see: Hungary, Austria, Germany and Scotland in one holiday was awesome and more than enough. Just what I needed, to see a couple of new places and couple of familiar places. Now, back to relaxing 😉 Goodnight. 


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