Day 3 – Intended route was Kóseg to Dozmat. Route pursued was Kóseg to Boszok 

Currently driving along in a taxi, heading down towards the south of Hungary. Bloody blisters have made walking a challenge. Over-compensating it on my right leg causing muscle strain. Don’t feel like I’ve let myself down as I managed 13km through a national park called Kószegi Tajvedelmi Körset with big ass blisters to trek through. 

When we arrived in Boszok some of the others thought it was best for me to relax my feet. They were so right … Now arrived at tonight’s accommodation, which is a beautiful homestay in Hungary with gorgeous horses and farm animals. Would like to ride a horse! 

Lovely and accommodating staff so far. Nora kindly brought me a tub for my feet and some Betadine (disinfectant!) Hope those horses and farm animals don’t get scared if they hear me scream as I clean my blisters. 

In this blog I am not going to post any pictures of my blisters as I don’t feel like some of you will see me in the same light again or even talk to me again! Blergh! 

Time to relax now!